• Mowing
  • Seasonal Clean-up                             
  • Pruning
  • Fertilizing
  • Irrigation Repairs
  • Mulch & Pine Straw
  • Weed control



 le. Once you have contacted Terra Landscapes with your needs, we will schedule a consultation on site. From there we will gather all information needed to begin work.  Once design work is complete the next step is to move forward with figuring out the installation process. Terra Landscapes will always be interested in placing a bid on the installment. If you have someone you would rather use than we will go that route.

Here is what Terra has to offer you....

-Concept Plan............basic design layout without specifying materials

-Planting Plan.............all plant material specified & labled

-Hardscape Plan.........all hardscapes specified & labled

-Irrigation Plan

-Lighting Plan

-Site Amenities, pottery, water feature, garden structures, grill, fire pit, etc.