Boxwood Care


Widely used in both formal and more casual gardens, boxwoods are one of the most popular shrubs in landscape design. With rich green foliage year-round, an ability to grow both in sun and partial shade and a high tolerance for pruning, they're more versatile than many other shrubs. Our team has trained professionals who have over ten year of field experience working with this complex shrub. We provide the following services;

  • Deep pruning- this provides airflow to prevent disease and all structural pruning should be done at this time
  • Shearing- this provides a nice clean formal look to any boxwood hedge or ball, our team has an extensive amount of experience with shearing hedges, parterre gardens, espalier trees, English knot gardens, and more
  • Consultation- we provide an in depth consultation with our horticulture specialist for an initial assessment of your gardens, in which plant health and aesthetic needs are addressed.